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Cyber Solutions

EMIDR utilizes advanced cyber tools to assist in the identification and recovery of stolen assets as well as assist with the investigative process. EMIDR also works closely with a number of cyber security providers to provide bespoke cyber security solutions on an individual or enterprise wide basis.

Stealthcare - Threat Intelligence

Zero Day Live (ZDL) is the force multiplier desperately needed for survival within today’s government and private sector environments. ZDL procures unique threat intelligence (TI) via specialized tradecraft and proprietary machine learning technology. 

ZDL automatically integrates its intelligence directly into an organization’s existing security infrastructure, without the need for human intervention.


AppGuard - Endpoint Zero Trust Protection

AppGuard stops attacks at the initial stages and beyond without requiring detection of the attack, without disrupting the user experience, or degrading system performance. 

AppGuard has the lightest footprint in the Endpoint category - by a wide margin. It scales to over 1million endpoints and provides a central management architecture that is simple, elegant, and cloud efficient.

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