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Asset Recovery

EMIDR personnel have a demonstrable track record of collecting and providing evidence in criminal and civil legal proceedings leading to successful asset recovery actions. EMIDR utilizes a variety of investigative techniques, including cyber, undercover, source recruitment, surveillance, and traditional investigative methods.  


EMIDR can also provide highly trained interviewers in lieu of polygraph examiners to detect indicators of deceit or deflection during the interview process.  EMIDR personnel have the experience of operating in conflict zones when required to pursue the proceeds of State level corruption.


EMIDR team members have a diverse body of experience in tracking, identifying and recovering assets across North and South America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. 

The asset classes involved have included, Bulk Cash, Real Estate, Art & Precious Metals, Public Securities, Crypto, and Physical Commodities.  The money laundering techniques encountered have been equally diverse and ranged from Hawala (traditional and electronic ledger adjustments), to Factoring and Trade Finance, to Public Market Pump & Dump schemes.

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